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About Me:

I am currently a software developer in the Flickr Vision team. I completed my M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. Before that, I completed my B.S. degree with honors, also at Stanford. During that time, I completed a minor in Computer Science as well.

I’m an avid table tennis player and amateur card magician. I occasionally play basketball and ultimate frisbee, too (though I’m not particularly good at either).

My passion is anything related to image processing and computer vision, though I also enjoy occasionally dabbling with topics in computer hardware and FPGAs. I am a firm believer that, with the increasing popularity of deep networks and increasingly advanced machine vision algorithms, complete image intelligence (i.e., enabling computers to view the world the way that humans do) is achievable within the next couple of decades.

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  • [August 2016] We’ll be releasing a paper on computational aesthetics to arXiv soon. Stay tuned.
  • [April 2016] I’ll be at GTC this year! Drop by the AI Playground to see a demo of some of our work.
  • [August 2015] I’m alpha releasing Radiant, an advanced image editing library.
  • [September 2014] I’m going to be a reviewer for WACV.
  • [August 2014] Paper to appear in WACV 2015 (round 1).
  • [June 2014] I’ve started working full-time at Flickr.
  • [October 2013] Paper to appear in CCNC 2014.