About Me

Hey there! My name is Frank, and I’m currently running Orion Innovations, an indoor positioning startup based in San Francisco. Prior to this, I was a research engineer with the Computer Vision & Machine Learning team at Yahoo. I completed my B.S. with honors and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. During that time, I completed a minor in Computer Science and engaged in various research projects.

I’m an avid table tennis player and amateur card magician. I occasionally play basketball and ultimate frisbee, too (though I’m not particularly good at either). My passion is anything related to computer vision and machine learning, though I also enjoy dabbling in hardware-related topics such as PCB design and FPGA development.

Frank Liu


  • [September 2016] I am now working on an indoor positioning startup. Learn more here.
  • [April 2016] I’ll be at GTC this year! Drop by the AI Playground to see a demo of some of our work.
  • [August 2015] I’m alpha releasing Radiant, an advanced image editing library.
  • [September 2014] I’m going to be a reviewer for WACV.
  • [August 2014] Paper to appear in WACV 2015 (round 1).
  • [June 2014] I’ve started working full-time at Flickr.
  • [October 2013] Paper to appear in CCNC 2014.