Occasionally, I’ll post random musings/writings on this page, sort of like a wannabe blog. Sometimes, it might be a way for me to express my¬†opinions and pretend that they matter, and other times I may want to provide a quick tutorial or talk about a project that I’ve undertaken. Enjoy!

A quick note on comments: I’ve accidentally wiped all comment sections as I was doing a site upgrade and migrating all the content to be within a Docker container. I’ll re-enable them soonTM. In the meantime, feel free to contact me directly.

2017-12-05: Setting Linux process niceness in Python
2017-10-11: How to bypass (some) media paywalls
2017-09-24: The Riddler, 2017-09-22 edition
2017-08-13: The Riddler, 2017-08-11 edition
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2017-07-30: The Riddler, 2017-07-28 edition
2017-07-26: The Riddler, 2017-07-21 edition

2016-06-30: Batch Normalization before or after nonlinearity?
2016-04-12: My thoughts on intermittent fasting
2016-02-06: Experimenting with different penultimate layers in Caffe
2016-01-11: Installing Caffe on OS X El Capitan
2016-01-02: Setting goals for 2016

2015-09-18: Artistic style transfer
2015-08-31: Starting your own “black hole” email server
2015-08-10: Visual machine learning tutorial
2015-07-04: LoL vs. CS:GO: Comparing two of the most popular e-sports in 2015
2015-05-18: Passive income from volatile online marketplaces
2015-03-02: Seam carving in Python
2015-01-14: PyPano: A better panorama stitcher
2015-01-08: A short discourse on video games

2014-12-20: How to replace MATLAB
2014-12-20: Disable CPU throttling on MacBook Pro (15-inch, mid 2014)
2014-12-18: The problem with grades
2014-12-17: Why is writing important?