How to bypass (some) media paywalls

I recently came across The Uber Game, an interactive simulation of a week as a driver with Uber1. The end of the simulation provided a link to a related Financial Times article, which was unfortunately paywalled. Despite this, I still wanted to read it, so I used a simple trick: I added to the front of the article’s URL.

Why does this work? Many media sites will allow articles to be read if they are linked from social media. For example, if I click on a WSJ article one of my friends has shared on Facebook, I can view the full article – with comments – without having to pay for a pricey membership. However, I cannot do the same if I attempt to access the article directly from the WSJ website. Mass media sites have the ability to cut off this feature at a moment’s notice, but given the presumably high conversion rate of social media clocks, I’m not sure this feature will be removed anytime soon.

Enjoy those articles!

1 I highly encourage you to check it out. It doesn’t take much time and I found it to be informative.